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Rotary Supports Manisha's 'Everest Challenge'

By Philip Roberts - Posted on 14 November 2015

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Our international charity, Manisha UK, staged a highly successful 'Everest Challenge' in Alcester on Saturday, 14th November, and with help from our members, raised over £5,000.

The challenge involved teams of 'rowers' competing on static rowing machines to complete 8,848 metres - the height of Everest. Teams came from local fitness clubs, running and other sports clubs, as well as students from Alcester Grammar and Royal Grammar School, Worcester. Rotarian Steve Tonry, more accustomed to cycling than to rowing, was part of the Manisha Team (see photos). Alongside these events, two other trustees from Manisha UK - including 60 year old Treasurer Andy Langman - completed their own challenge: rowing the 'Marathon' distance of 42.195 km.

President Philip Roberts and Vice President June Barley went along to provide moral support, and helped to make inroads into the generous selection of home-made cakes that were on offer; who said fitness can't be fun!

Congratulations to all at Manisha for this fantastic effort.

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