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Directory Entries

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To avoid duplication of effort by Club Secretaries the next directory entries will be taken from the membership records. Secretaries will be requested to:

  1. Logon to MyRotary, there are Tutorials here.
  2. In the menu select Manage then Club Administration.
  3. Select
  4. Ensure that membership records are up to date.
  5. Download the Excel file with member details using the link at the top right of the Club Data page labelled ‘Membership’. (see picture).  The file normally appears in your Downloads folder as MembershipReport.xls or some variation with a sequence number.
  6. Put the name and title of each of next year's officers in the Titles and Names box below  or in a covering email.
  7.  Either use the form below or send the file to me by email to Dave Roberts.

You are requested to send the information by the end of April 2017. However, to allow me to get as much work as possible done early, please send your file as soon as your records are correct and the 2017/18 officers are known.

Dave Roberts, District Directory Editor

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