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Azad Choudhury Academy in Bangladesh

Monika Badham
Barry Badham talking about the Azad Choudhury Foundation

Update on the Azad Choudray Foundation Soon to be Solihull Rotary President Monika Badham, and her husband, Barry have for a number of years been supporting a project called the Azad Choudray Academy in Bangladesh. Barry, a member of Birmingham Rotary, came to Solihull to update members on progress. This is important, because several of us have sponsored children at the Academy. Barry made graphic comparisons between the experiences that he and Monika had in their working life and life in Bangladesh, since they became involved.  The Academy is a huge success, having doubled in size in the last 4 years and the focus is now on training the students for useful careers after leaving. In conjunction with Trade Aid, a Rotary supported organisation, practical skills are being taught and equipment supplied to enable students to provide valuable services in their community. There have been notable achievements by many students. Specific mention was made about one young man, who lived in a hut with his family, with parents unable to read or write. He has just been given a place at the Bangladeshi equivalent of Sandhurst. This was an inspiring and thought provoking talk and Barry made us realise how right and important it is for us to support the Azad Choudray. June 2014 

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