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Dementia -Solihull Rotary learns all about the ageing problem!

By Ian Courts - Posted on 17 October 2013

Dr Sunil Kotecha

Dr Sunil Kotecha was the club's guest speaker on this topical subject. He explained how, 20 years ago, his talk might have been on cancer; ten years, his talk might have been on aids. Now, with everyone (thankfully) living so much longer on average, it is dementia that is the condition that is of concern... and it causes widespread problems for carers, patients, as well as their family and friends.

Stimulation for sufferers is so important and here is the connexion with the fine work of Solihull Rotarian Colin Bell. Colin is working in three memory cafes that have been set up and he relates just how patients will remember some favourite tunes most vividly and feel happier when they hear familiar melodies.

With early diagnosis and treatment, much can be done to improve the life of sufferers. However, today, we face a real problem of resource: local authorities need more money and in fact they are getting less. So, we may all be faced with doing our bit to help our ageing society in the coming years.

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