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Satellite Group going from strength to strength

By Ian Courts - Posted on 09 October 2014


Phil Priest and John Brown from the Satellite Group joined a Solihull Club meeting to tell members all about how they were operating. They explained the philosophy and methods adopted, emphasising the importance of thinking big – we are all members of Rotary and a view was expressed that  we shouldn’t be thinking in terms of individual clubs in  many instances. The Group has a plan to take a Rotary promoting trip across Europe in an old car (costing £350 max), filming as they go and putting the resulting film on YouTube. Parallels were drawn with how Rotary started – business people looking to network with charity work coming along later, although they have already been active with charity work. A lot of thought provoking ideas and a blueprint for how Rotary could meet its challenges. Separately, the Group welcomed its latest new member, Omisona Fasina, who is a psychotherapist Photos of Phil and John by Steve Evans,  Seven Star

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