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Steve Richards talking about the Birmingham Blitz

By Ian Courts - Posted on 05 August 2016


At Rotary, we really do have some excellent speakers and this week's was fascinating. Steve's interest in the Birmingham Blitz was kindled by his mother who told him stories about that period.  Then he started helping his daughter with a school project and this all led to extensive research and ultimately three years later his book was published, entitled 'The Luftwaffe over Brum', Birmingham's Blitz from a military perspective. Everyone is familiar with the effect of the London Blitz, but many do not realise that Birmingham also suffered considerably with many casualties. Steve related detailed accounts of a couple of Heinkel attacks in particular. Everyone at the club was gripped by the talk; indeed several of our senior members were actually living in the area at the time of one of the attacks and remembered it well! Sent from my iPad

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