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Club Projects

Our club has a range of projects which allow our members to serve in a variety of ways.

Planting In Southam

Tessa Sadler

Southam 2000 supports the Southam in Bloom project which places plants at a number of locations around the town, helping to brighten op the day for residents and visitors alike..

Carnival and Beer Tent

Richard Hall

Each year at Southam Carnival we arrange the procession and the bucket collection which goes along with it.  We have been running the beer tent at the Carnival for many years as a fundraiser, although results are very weather dependent!

Joe Homan

John Dugmore

The Joe Homan Charity brings Joy and Hope to Children who are growing up in poverty in India and Thailand. For many years, Southam 2000 have sponsored two youngsters through the Joe Homan home where they are educated and taught skills to prepare them for careers to help them out of poverty.

Eye Hospital India

Peter Taylor

For many years, Southam 2000 has supported the construction and maintenance of Giridih Eye Hospital which provides operations, restoring sight to 1000s of women and men in this rural area of india.

Water and Sanitation Project.

Peter Taylor

By collecting funds and providing organisational skills for the building of tube wells and toilet blocks in remote villages in the north eastern area of India, Southam 2000 has been helping reduce the burden of carrying water and risks of diseas

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