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Here to Help - Make a Difference

The Rotary Club of Southam 2000 is introducing a new scheme from January 2013 which aims to try and 'make a difference' to some individuals, families and organisations in and around Southam.

We will be allocating funds to help local individuals, families and not-for-profit organisations with small donations or the provision of service where this assistance will 'make a difference'. Anyone can apply for help.....and the whole process will be simple and speedy.....just tell us what you need, and why you need it and how it will 'make a difference' to you, your family or your organisation.

How to apply to 'make a difference'

Any local individual or not-for-profit body can apply by sending us a message containing your details, the help that you need and the difference that it will make.  Either:

  • completing the form below;
  • send a written request to: Secretary of Rotary Club of Southam 2000, Sycamore Lodge, Church Street, Stockton, Southam CV47 8JG;
  • use our freephone number to leave a message on 0800 228 9104;
  • email us on .

We may contact you to discuss your request. Our award panel aim to review all requests received and make their decision within 2 weeks. If Rotary cannot help then we will, with your permission, publicise the request in the media. The names of applicants, successful or not, will remain confidential unless you give permission for us to use it.

Also, you can donate to 'make a difference'

Donations to the fund can be made by

  • sending a cheque (preferably with Gift Aid authorisation where appropriate) to the Secretary of Rotary Club of Southam 2000, Sycamore Lodge, Church Street, Stockton, Southam CV47 8JG. Cheques should be made payable to “Rotary Club of Southam 2000”;
  • use our can also use our “My Donate” facility.

If you wish donations to be for a specific cause or request, please tell us. We will publicise in the media and to the recipients all donations made unless requested not to.

Together we can try to help each other to get through these challenging times.

If you are applying for an organisation rather than an individual.

Contact Information

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