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Tamworth Anker

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker.

The Rotary Club of Tamworth Anker is one of two clubs in the Staffordshire town of Tamworth.The Club was chartered in 1982 and since that date has suported many Charities both locally and overseas.

Tamworth Anker meet every Monday evening at 7.30pm at Drayton Manor Hotel. Rotarians visiting the area and anyone else wanting to find out about Rotary will be welcome at our meetings.

Sand Dams

Funding Sand Dams  for a cost effective and maintenance free way of providing much needed clean and safe drinking water for whole communities in Africa. The Dams also provide ways and means of irrigating land for growing crops.

Tools for Self Reliance

Collecting basic hand tools and gardening implements to send to impoverished parts of the World where people can not only help themselves but set up small businesses to support their families and local communities.


Supporting Workaid by collecting Sewing and Knitting machines to help disadvantaged people(mainly in East Africa) with the tools they need to acquire skills and become self-supporting.

Shelter Boxes

Supporting the Shelterbox  Scheme which provides tents sleeping bags,cooking utensils, water purification tablets and basic hand tools to people who have ‘lost everything’ in parts of the World where disaster has struck, helping them to help themselves get back on their feet..

Jole Rider Bicycles for Africa

Collecting bicycles that people no longer need and sending them out to Africa so that children can get to school without having to walk long distances in soaring heat.

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Club Details


Drayton Manor Hotel. at 19:00 on Monday.

Note: for 19.30 start..